100% Cotton: Better for Your Baby

If babies could talk, they would tell us that they enjoy the clean, cool and comfortable feel of 100% cotton on their little bottoms. And you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that because cotton breathes much better than any other diaper, your little one is less likely to get diaper rash. Plus, you will know when your baby needs to be changed, because cotton diapers don’t contain chemical additives that mask the wetness.

100% cotton means they’re chemical-free, so you can be worry-free about your baby being exposed to any of the health problems associated with the chemicals found in the majority of single-use diapers. Studies have also shown that potty training can happen sooner when cotton is used, simply because your little boy or girl is more aware of what’s going on – and that can save you as much as a year’s worth of diapering!

A disposable diaper is held in close proximity to your baby’s delicate skin. A disposable diaper is made up of 60 known chemicals that include Dioxin, stearyl alcohol, sodium, polyacralate, TBT or tributylin, dyes & perfumes, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) – toluene, ethylbenzene, xyleeen, and dipentene. The Department of Ecology, in consultation with the Department of Health, developed a list of Chemicals in High Concern to Children (CHCC)” of which lists formaldehyde as a known chemical in disposable diapers. However, toulene and ethylbenzene are listed in CHCC, but not mentioned directly related to disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers have been linked to asthma and male infertility. Disposable diaper companies like to tell you about all the things they’ve added to make Baby like their diapers. With Baby Diaper Service Soft Cotton Diapers we’re more proud of what’s not been added. Your Baby is pure and natural, so shouldn’t baby’s diapers be too?


Which would you rather have next to your own tender skin – soft, nappy cotton, or plastic and synthetic stuff? Watch Baby snuggle with a favorite blanket and you’ll vote for natural cotton. Cotton is not only soft and comfortable, but it breathes so skin stays cool and dry. Disposable diapers are five times as likely to cause diaper rash according to some studies.

Baby Diaper Service Cotton Diapers are pH-balanced, to match the natural pH-levels of baby’s skin.  Disposable diapers on the other hand, wrap Baby’s tender parts in a sandwich of plastic and bleached wood pulp soaked in chemicals and fillers of man-made gels.
Baby Diaper Service Cotton Diapers with diaper covers are easy to put on perfectly without pins. Just press the cover’s Velcro tabs together and you’re done. When baby is done with the diaper, simply open the Velcro and drop the diaper into our special deodorized hamper for pick-up.

The fresh diapers we bring you will be laundered and sanitized without spot or stain to hospital standards. That’s something you likely couldn’t do yourself in your own home laundry with ordinary wash temperatures or household detergents!