Leave the washing to us!

Let Baby Diaper Service save you more than the $3.50 per week savings you are experiencing through home laundering. The benefits are priceless…

Your time is valuable

Cherish every moment, they grow so fast. Don’t get bogged down in laundry. With Baby Diaper Service there’s no rinsing or soaking soiled diapers.

Your health is valuable

Get the much needed sleep and leave the washing to Baby Diaper Service.

No more nice rags

When your child goes up a size or when toilet training is complete, you will have no expensive inventory of over-priced diapers acting as “nice rags.” Besides the up-front costs of purchasing those diapers can run in the hundreds of dollars!

Hospital Standard Cleaning

Using our diaper service, there will be no more worries that you cannot get the diapers as clean, soft, to hospital sanitary standards, as absorbent, or as new looking as the first day you bought them – like we can. Our wash process is designed to lift the stain naturally, thereby using minimal natural detergents.

For the health of your baby

With our bacteriostat treatment and pH-Balance, there will be less likelihood of diaper rash. Save time and money on diaper rash cremes and trips to the doctor. We can even run a special wash for your hyper acidic baby, to regain proper pH-balance.

Lower your baby’s carbon footprint

Diaper Service Home Laundered Disposable

5,249 ft. 7,545 ft. 14,107 ft.

Source: Best Food Forward

Footprinting is a method of assessing environmental impact by measuring it in terms of land use. It looks at the whole lifecycle of a product from its production, through its use to its disposal.