Cotton Rags/Baby Diaper Service 100% Cotton Rags


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$35.00 per 10 lb bag or $6.00 for 1 lb

After Baby Diaper Service’s 100% soft cotton gauze, pre-folded diapers have retired from being used in the service; they are packaged in ten pound bags and sold as rags. There are approximately five to seven diapers per pound. Sold in 10 lb bag of mixed sizes, small to toddler.

Uses include:

– Household cleaning
– Car washing & polishing
– Car mechanics
– Mopping up spills
– Menstrual pads
– Polishing shoes
– Industrial cleaning
– Polishing silverware
– Burping baby
– Washing windows
– Cabinet shops
– Glass blowers

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10 lb bag, 1 lb


Cotton cloths in the gauze weave that have been washed many times are the most absorbent of any kind. New cloths of other weaves just move the wetness into smaller beads and spread them around. Our cotton rags pick-up and remove the moisture without leaving any lint or residue.


Multiple washes in our system produce a unique softness. New cloths of any weave increase the chance of marring sensitive surfaces or leaving small beads of residue from hardness and other molecules in the water.