Cloth Wipe Weekly Service


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  • Enjoy all the health and environmental benefits of using cloth wipes!  Let us deliver clean, cloth wipes right to your front door weekly!
  • Leave all the washing to us when you add cloth wipes to you cloth diaper service order for only $5.00 a week!
  • Our cloth wipes are extra absorbent and are perfect for diaper changes or cleaning messy hands & faces.  They are 100% cotton & measure 8” x 8”
$5.00 per week for 70 wipes
.50 per week for each 10 additional or fewer wipes.
Minimum weekly service charge for wipes is $3.00/per week.
Add Baby Diaper Service wipe solution to your order for easy, clean diaper duty!
$11.99 for a 2 oz tin, creates 60+ 8 oz containers of wipe solution.