Families are LOVING our new Waste to Energy diaper service! Healthy for baby and for our environment with the convenience of a disposable diaper. Same amazing customer service – we love our BDS family! We look forward to partnering with you for all of your diapering needs!

Once you start our service, you will be able to set a standing order or schedule deliveries as needed using our customer portal. We will pick up diapers each week. More information about Nest diapers can be found in our store.

Price for the Waste to Energy service is $51.00 every 4 weeks. This includes the bio bags you will use as your pail liner (1 for each week of service), the pick up and recycle service and deliveries.

Diapers, Wipes and Training Pants are conveniently purchased and scheduled for delivery through our customer account portal.

Nest Diapers – Plant based, non toxic, absorbent…amazing!

Each Case includes 4 packages

Size 1 7-13lbs $13.00/each $52.00 per case

Size 2 11-18lbs $14.50/each $56.00 per case

Size 3 16-23lbs $15.50/ each $60.00 per case

Size 4 23-30lbs $15.50/each $60.00 per case

Size 5 26-35lbs $15.50/each $60.00 per case

Size 6 40+lbs $15.50/each $60.00 per case

Bambo Nature Training Pants – ecofriendly, non toxic…wonderful!

Size 4 15-31lbs $14.50/each

Size 5 27-40lbs $14.50/each