We offer 5 sizes of 100% cloth diapers and 2 sizes of cotton training pants to fit your child from birth to potty training.

Diaper Sizes   Stitch Colors
One: 4lbs – 9lbsYellow/White
Two: 8lbs – 15lbsGreen/Blue
Three: 16lbs – 31lbs  White
Premium Toddler: 
Four:  22lbs – 28lbsBlue
Five:  30+ lbs  Green
Training Pants:    2T & 3T 

Baby Diaper Service offers the most flexibility by allowing you to select any increment of 10 for cloth diapers as well as cloth wipes to create a package that is the best fit for you throughout your diapering journey.

Service Pricing:

More detailed pricing will be added soon, we are updating this information.

Set up fee $27.25.

Our BDS families love the flexibility of setting their diaper and cloth wipe quantity at the level they need, in any increment of 10. Diaper quantities can be set as low as 10 diapers per week to as many as you need per week. For cloth wipe service, we have a minimum order of 30 cloth wipes per week.

On average our cloth diaper service is $30.00 per week and cloth wipe service is $5.00 per week. $35.00 for cloth diapers and cloth wipes – freshly laundered and delivered to your front door! No rinsing, soaking, dumping needed – from birth to potty training! Just toss the diapers and wipes into the pail. Let us do the dirty work! No need to add a 2nd liner and dump anything out of the diapers!

Cloth diaper service for 70 diapers per week is $30.30 per week. Increase or Decrease in increments of 10 for just .90/ per week per 10. Cloth wipe service for 70 cloth wipes is $5.00 per week. Increase or decrease in increments of 10 for .50/ per week per 10 (minimum order 30 per week).

Email us @ info@babydiaperservice.net. Thank you!