Cotton Diaper Rotation System

On your first and second deliveries you will receive the weekly number of diapers that you ordered. After that, you will be on a rotation basis. The number of soiled diapers you turn in on your first delivery will be counted and that same number will be returned to you on your next delivery.

Whatever your weekly order of diapers is, you should always have double that in your rotation. Example: If your order is for 70 diapers, you will receive 70 diapers the 1st week and another 70 when we make your 2nd delivery, no matter how many diapers your first turn in is. From then on you are on a rotation. Whatever number of diapers you turn in one week you get back the following week. Between what you have turned in to us and what you have at your home, it should always total double of what your weekly order is.

We charge you for the number of diapers you are ordering (renting) each week, not the number of diapers you use. If you consistently have leftovers, please consider reducing your weekly order, which will result in a price decrease. For every 10 diapers you consistently have left over when you set out your soiled diapers, you could reduce your weekly order by 10. For each 10 diapers you reduce, the price goes down $0.50 per week.

If you feel your rotation is off, have an audit done on your diapers. An easy way to have Baby Diaper Service audit your diaper inventory is to call our office and ask one of our friendly staff members to review your totals with you and confirm that you have the total number of diapers you have ordered in your home. If this number does not total up to your contracted amount, we will adjust it so you have the correct number of diapers in your home.

Renter’s Manual

As a current customer, many questions can be answered within the Renter’s Manual.