Baby Diaper Service – Waste to Energy Paper Diaper Service

Simply, Convenient and Sustainable plant based paper diapers! 

Diapers delivered and picked up at your home each week.  We keep diapers out of the traditional landfills.  We have partnered with a center that will responsibly recycle the diapers…from Waste to Renewable Energy!  We are excited to offer this new, innovative service providing a healthier diaper for baby and for our environment as well as the convenience of a disposable diaper.

How Our Diaper Service Works

Sign up for service whenever you are ready!  Diapers can be delivered whenever you are ready for them – as soon as the next delivery day we are in your area.  Many will have diapers delivered 2 – 3 week prior to their due date. Notify us once baby arrives to schedule weekly service to begin.  Each week we will come by to pick up the wet/soils.  Diaper deliveries can be scheduled on a weekly basis, once per 4 week billing cycle, every other week, etc…however you prefer. Changes can be made to your order through your customer account, our app, or contacting us by phone or email.

With Baby Diaper Service there for you, you can prevent having to make those last-minute trips to the store for items you can have delivered weekly with your diapers. And you don’t even need to be home (or to come to the door) when we arrive – we will just leave everything in front of your door for you.

Just set the diapers out the night before or in the morning on your delivery day, we will pick up the wet/soils and deliver your order as scheduled. It’s that easy!

Service Area

Baby Diaper Service boasts a large service area of seven counties. See this page for more information.

Customer Referral Credits

Would you like to earn Customer Referral Credits? You can…when you refer your friends to us. We will credit your account $15.00 for each friend who signs up for diaper service. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY REFERRALS YOU CAN HAVE ON YOUR ACCOUNT! Just make sure they give us your name when they sign up. You will be credited on your next billing cycle after they make their first payment. EASY!!!Learn More

Service Pricing

Service pricing is based on the amount of diapers you rent. You are charged for the full amount of diapers ordered regardless of usage. Click Here to See Price Tables