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You can quickly and easily sign up for your first four weeks of service and pay through PayPal or credit card by filling out the form below. All information must be for the family who is to receive the service. Make sure to provide a working telephone number so we can call you to confirm the order and delivery address.

Do You Need Covers? Recommend a minimum of 5.

Bundles: 1 – 2 – 3

     1.Basic: $62.00

5 Wraps (3  velcro and 2 duo adjustable wraps)

     2. Plus: $75.00

6 Wraps (3 velcro and 3 duo adjustable wraps)

     3. Premium: $100.00

6 Wraps ( 3 velcro and 3 duo adjustable wraps)
Wet Bag
Snappis 3 pack

Our Bundle Kits are also for sale on our Store page.

4 weeks of service, at 70 per week
One baby $141.55 USD
Full start with the Basic Starter $205.35 USD
Full start 2 with the Plus Starter $218.70 USD
Full start 3 with the Premium Starter $244.45 USD
Diaper size
Yellow stitch, 2-9 lbs.
Green stitch, 9-16 lbs.
White stitch, 16-31 lbs.
Phone number (required)

Prices include Paypal’s service fees. Setup handled over the phone does not have these fees.

Complete this form for the family who is to receive service, and a representative will contact you for account set-up

If you wish to discuss sizes and accessories before getting set up, or if you want an alternate method of payment, fill this form and we will give you a call!