Baby Diaper Service makes cloth diapering simple, enjoyable and convenient. Servicing Seattle and the Eastside, Olympia to Bellingham and the Key Peninsula to North Bend.

A few of the things our BDS families LOVE – amazing customer service throughout the diapering journey, consistent, reliable service, flexibility to set the diaper and wipe quantity to best fit their needs, the best eco-friendly diapering options available – whether you choose cloth diapers or plant based disposables or a combination, and that from birth to potty training there is no rinsing, soaking, dumping or scraping anything out of the diaper… Just toss the diapers and cloth wipes into the pail that we provide – Let Us Do the Dirty Work! We love our BDS Family!

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We are excited to show you how simple and convenient cloth diapering is, along with our full product offering of sustainable diapering products and options! No rinsing, less waste from birth to potty training, no pins, and the healthiest option for your baby and our environment. Healthy, Affordable, Convenient…and Cute!

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Cloth Diapers & Traveling

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Welcome to Baby Diaper Service!

Enjoying the Diapering Years…

Baby Diaper Service is the premier cloth diaper service in Washington State, servicing Puget Sound families and beyond for over 75 years.

We are committed to providing the utmost quality and convenience to families that want the best for the health of their baby and the environment. Baby Diaper Service gives you 100% natural cloth diapering at an affordable price, without the time and effort to clean your own, so you can enjoy the diapering years!

On a weekly basis, clean 100% pure cotton diapers will be delivered in exchange for your soiled diapers. We provide all the sizes of pre-fold cloth diapers, from Preemie to Toddler. And, when it is time, you can wean your Toddler off diapers by renting a mix of diapers and training pants.

With an online store and free delivery of accessories, we are your one stop shopping for all your diapering needs, which means fewer trips to the store. You can be rest assured that your local dollar remains in the community, supporting a local workforce and local suppliers.

Quick Facts

A throw away diaper contains over 60 chemicals, held in close proximity to your baby’s delicate areas. Baby Diaper Service’s natural clean process is pH-balanced to baby’s skin and tested to hospital standards, resulting in fewer to no diaper rashes, both of which result in savings!

On average, children potty train within 6 to 12 months earlier in cloth diapers. It will take 500 years for a disposable diaper, even if biodegradable, to decompose in a landfill.

According to Franklin Associates Ltd, “Evaluating the best diaper depends on local conditions. If in a drought (not usually the problem in Seattle!), it’s best to use disposable diapers. If the area has landfill problems, it’s best to use commercially laundered cloth diapers.” Did you know that all of Seattle’s garbage goes to a landfill in Eastern Oregon? If you consider both of these facts you may conclude that diaper service has disposables beat ‘hands-down’!

Best Foot Forward states diaper service has the least relative environmental impact of land required for every baby each year from manufacturing to disposal, as compared to home laundering and disposables.

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