Hear What Our Customers are Saying!

“I love your diapers because they are so lush and soft I just want to dive into them every week when they arrive on my doorstep. I feel confident in using your service because I trust you do your very best to keep environmental impact at its lowest, while keeping service and quality at its highest.”

-B.C., Bellevue

“From the very beginning you were quick to answer all my questions, friendly and professional. When my baby came three weeks early, you responded promptly, congratulated my family, and brought me the diapers earlier than originally scheduled. Every time my baby grew into the next size you celebrated with me. The quality of your diapers is outstanding. Gabriel has never had a diaper rash using your diapers. Your driver is courteous and follows the neighborhood speed limit. All of your staff has been friendly and personable. I have so enjoyed your service I would highly recommend you to anyone.”

-Dawn and Gabriel Lehto 

“Thank you for three great years of service. Your staff have been exceptionally helpful and friendly. I am grateful that your service has enabled my daughter to avoid exposure to the toxic chemicals contained in disposable diapers, and lessened her impact on the environment. Many thanks.”

-Suzanne Pardee, Shoreline 

“Switching to cloth diapers was the best thing we did for my son’s potty training. Suddenly, he was uncomfortable being wet. The rest of his training followed rapidly. He is now 2 and a half years old with a consistent record of staying dry. Thank you.”

-Heidi Cook, RN, CBE