Baby Diaper Service Balm



Created by F.R.O.G Soap in Bremerton, WA exclusively for Baby Diaper Service.
Treats and prevents diaper rash.  No dyes or preservatives, all natural ingredients.
Not just for baby’s bum!  This is an amazing balm – use all over for dry skin, redness, first aid…you may end up wanting one for you…and one for baby!   Customers have nicknamed this – Yum Balm – it is smooth like butter with a slight coconut scent.  A must have!   While it is yummy and delicious to use…not to eat, of course.
The large 4 oz tin goes a long way and is just $4.00/ounce.
Calendula-infused Olive Oil
Shea Butter
Organic Yellow Beeswax
Arrowroot Powder
Coconut Fragrance Oil

Price $15.95/each