Baby Diaper Service Rewards

Baby Diaper Service is an affordable luxury. By making the choice to use our cloth diapers you will see savings when compared to disposable diapers and home laundering. Baby Diaper Service prices are fair and reasonable, and we strive to offer ways for you to save.

Savings in your pocket

You may be wondering, how does the cost of diaper service stack up next to disposable diapers? Well, traditional diaper brands such as Huggies or Pampers will cost you about $20 more a month for disposable diapers compared to our cloth diaper service or $25-30 more a month for premium diapers such as Seventh Generation. Factor in the cost of diaper rash crèmes and trips to the doctor to treat diaper rash and the costs begin to pile on. With an average child contributing 20-25 pounds of garbage each week, that is an extra $6 to $26 a month for residential curbside pick-up. What some may not know is that, per Seattle Municipal code (SMC 21.36.025) soiled diapers should not be thrown into the trash, rather the soil remains must be washed in the toilet, to be disposed of properly in the wastewater treatment facilities.

While home-laundering is viewed as only $3.50 a week less than our diaper service a month there are many other factors of savings of time and health that add-up, and the environmental carbon footprint is considerably more than our diaper service due to economies of scale. See, “Savings in your time, priceless” for more details on other cost of home laundering.

Savings in your time, priceless

It’s easy to think of disposable diapers as convenient, until you run out. With Baby Diaper Service you don’t run out of diapers. There are no added trips to the store; the diapers arrive every week until you tell us you don’t need them anymore. No midnight trips to the store or borrowing from your next door neighbor. You don’t even have to be home for your diaper delivery. You can also order all your diapering accessories, delivered free of charge, through our online-store.

If you’ve considered doing-it-yourself with your own cloth diaper, consider this: with Baby Diaper Service there’s no rinsing or soaking soiled diapers. When your child goes up a size or when toilet training is complete, you will have no expensive inventory of over-priced diapers acting as “nice rags.” Besides the up-front costs of purchasing those diapers can run in the hundreds of dollars! Using our diaper service, there will be no more worries that you cannot get the diapers as clean, soft, to hospital sanitary standards, as absorbent, or as new looking as the first day you bought them – like we can. With our bacteriostat treatment and pH-Balance, there will be less likelihood of diaper rash. We can even run a special wash for your hyper acidic baby, to regain proper pH-balance.

As a small business, we’re devoted to you. If you need service, you can talk to one of our helpful, trained staff. We are parents too. We respect and understand your needs and your baby’s requirements. You will not get more personalized, friendly service anywhere -certainly not in the grocery aisle or by self-teaching yourself online – for a piece of mind.

Ways Baby Diaper Service can save you money

Baby Diaper Service keeps its operating costs low, to pass the savings along to you. We have been in business since 1946 and have perfected our business processes to be environmentally friendly. With that there are numerous ways that you can save money on your diaper service:

  • Customer Referral – for every customer referral, we will give you a $15.00 credit applied to your account. There is no limit to this referral.  Share our website and Facebook page, so they can learn more.
  • Active Military Personnel Discount – we offer a 5% discount on service only and cannot be combined with any other discount.
  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Employee Discount – we offer a 5% discount on service only and cannot be combined with any other discount.
  • Twin/Multiple Child Discount – view our discounted rates.
  • Free Shipping – shop Baby Diaper Service online and have purchases delivered free of charge with your next diaper delivery.
  • Other Discounts – We have promotions in many major child and discount publications, both in print and online, so keep your eye out for them!
  • Social Network Discounts – On occasion, we offer promotions specific to our social networks on Facebook , Twitter and our emailing list. 

Think Local

For every dollar kept in the local community, you are paying it forward to the families of Baby Diaper Service and beyond. Baby Diaper Service employs and sources locally. Before you go to the store to purchase a big named, manufactured disposable diaper, consider cloth diaper service from us. When browsing online for cloth diaper accessories, remember to shop our online store first. And, think of our gift certificates when planning a baby registry or holiday purchases. Make every dollar count! Together we can strengthen our economy.

Being the first major diaper service in Western Washington, we view our role in the communities we serve as vital and important. We try to give back to our communities through charitable donations, a local workforce and using the maximum number of local suppliers in order to keep as much money in our community and serve our neighbors. Baby Diaper Service is a member of Seattle Good Business, Think Local.

Earn Cash or Free Diaper Accessories

Would you like to earn Customer Referral Credits? You can…when you refer your friends to us. You will receive two (2) FREE ProWrap diaper covers or we will credit your account $15.00 for each friend who signs up for diaper service. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY REFERRALS YOU CAN HAVE ON YOUR ACCOUNT! Just make sure they give us your name when they sign up. You will be credited on your next billing cycle after they make their first payment. EASY!!!